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Drone services and operation

drone videography services on the sunshine coast

Drone videography services

We create aerial and video imagery for the web, media, television, etc. Wether you’d like a full video, a teaser or only specific clips, we work across different sectors such as agriculture, construction, architecture, real estate, communities, sports, events, etc.
The aerial imagery allows you to highlight your events, your wedding, your property or even your offices and activities.

Drone videography services should always be acquired in regards with CASA regulation.

drone survey mapping on the sunshine coast

Drone Survey services

The drone allows for different types of aerial mapping and surveys. Drone survey models (2D and 3D) are used in many sectors of professional activities such as construction, public works, real estate or agriculture.

Drone survey can be used to map any type of object or surface in 3 dimensions in order to take measurements, to calculate volumes or areas.
Aerial photogrammetry is the set of techniques and materials used to achieve the representation of an extended territory, from aerial photography shots.

drone photography services on the sunshine coast

Drone Photography services

Depending on the project, aerial photography is sometimes essential.

Thanks to the drone, aerial photography in the heart of Sunshine Coast has become possible. Simpler and less expensive. It is no longer necessary to use a helicopter to take your photos! The result, meanwhile, is no less exceptional!

The ease with which this technology makes it possible to produce extraordinary images does not exclude the respect of the regulation.

To ensure the best possible experience, MediaFlow uses an effective and constantly updated methodology. This allows you to follow the progress of the project at any time, guarantee safety before and during flights, and provide you with quality deliverables.

Drone services methodology

Drone use and goals

– Prior study of the project, the needs, the mission and adapt it to the current regulatory framework.
– Definition of specifications, human, material and logistical resources.
– Administrative procedures with the authorities and town halls.
– Choose the material adapted to your situation.
– Planning.

Drone images acquisition

– Meteorological study, choice of the best light/time, in order to obtain an optimal rendering.
– Local authorizations concerning and aeronautical constraints.
– Pre-flight planning and securing sites and people.
– Device programming, formatting and parameters of embedded sensors.
– Takeoff of drones in manual flight for more security.
– Acquisition of data according to specifications and flight plan defined with our clients needs.
– Verification of the images on site, and change of memory card with each flight.

Analysis and treatment of photo and video rushes

– Import the datas acquired.
– Visual analysis of the data quality and conformity.
– Filing the files on External Hard Disk.
Preparation for photo/video retouching or editing.

Drone data deliverables

– We offer two possibilities for final delivery:
– Recover our raw snapshots and rushes in the defined format upstream of the project.
– Receive a fully produced and edited drone result, wether it is a 3D map or a video.